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What happens to my contribution if the amount is not collected?
If the project has not collected requested funding in the 48 hours the money is returned to your ‘goldeninvestmentdeals’ account.
Do I have to pay the taxes on the interest rate earned?
Unfortunately, we do not provide tax related consultations and we recommend that you apply to your tax adviser regarding this issue.
What is the period from which the interest rate starts calculating?
Interest rate payments start calculating from the day you make your investment!
Are the interest rates of the loans fixed?
Yes, the interest rates are fixed for the entire loan period.
What are the additional costs for the investors?
Our investors are not paying any additional charges.

All expenses are related to the loan process and shall be paid by the borrower.
How Goldeninvestmentdeals verify a borrowers ability to convince loan?
We carefully evaluate each borrower’s ability to repay the loan. We are examining the information about the borrower, his reputation, financial background and current commitments. Our expert team evaluate the business plans, financial reporting and loan security.
I did the bank transfer but why doesn't the money appear on my goldeninvestmentdeals account?
As soon as your money is transferred to the ‘Goldeninvestmentdeals’ bank account, the money automatically shows in your ‘Goldeninvestmentdeals’ profile account. This process can take from a few hours till 3 working days. Do keep in mind that the money transactions are put on hold on weekends.
How can I add money to may Goldeninvestmentdeals account?
Money to your Goldeninvestmentdeals account can be added by bank transfer.

In your user profile press ‘ADD’ button and then choose the amount of the money you wish to add to your Goldeninvestmentdeals account.
How to change my bank account?
For safety reasons, you can only change your bank by writing to us at info@goldeninvestmentdeals.com and we will manually change it for you.
What is the minimum amount of investment?
The minimum amount for investing in our platform is $300.
Why is my account inactive?
After the full registration process, it may take till 48 hours till Goldeninvestmentdeals approves your application.
Didn't get the confirmation e-mail?
If you didn’t receive a confirmation email, please first check your spam folder.
If you still can’t find the confirmation e-mail, please contact us at info@crowdstar.com
Who can invest in goldeninvestmentdeals projects?
You must be at least 18 years old.

You must have an active bank account in one of the USA banks.
Are deposits and withdrawals accepted in wire transfer?
We do accept wire deposits , but we can not send wire transactions. 
How the early investment reward is calculated?
The early investment reward is calculated from the day you invest till the day the project collects targeted amount.

For example – One of the projects opened in 09.07.19. and closed in 29.07.19. That’s 21 days. Day interest rate for the project is 0.039% . If the investor invested $1000, the bonus amount that the investor will additionally receive is $8.
How to stop receiving weekly statistic e-mails?
To unsubscribe from Weekly Statistic emails, users need to login into goldeninvestmentdeals profile and turn off notification panel.