How It Works
Golden Investment Deals' main role is to perform introductory functions on behalf of borrowers and investors in order to bring together prospective borrowers and investors and allows investors to independently review and invest in the start-up of small businesses. This site provides a platform for entering into loans and to facilitate payments and collect sums due in connection with loans made.

Through high returns, we offer the potential to double your initial investment within 6-8 years (or sooner), depending on the risks you take. Everything from that point is a bonus and a clear path towards financial freedom.


Company overview

Investors use their online account to easily lend to hundreds of businesses looking for funding.

Golden Investment Deals


Businesses make fixed monthly repayments with interest, which we distribute to all the investors who lent to them.


Upon completed registration, you deposit funds to the platform. Deposit details are available in your investment account.

Investment Account

Your funds are reflected in your investment account - a flexible, straightforward account where you are in control of your funds.


As soon as you invest in loans and the loan is fully funded, the borrower enters into the agreement with you and the platform and receives the actual funds of the loan


There are no fees for investors when investing. The borrower covers the commission of a fully funded loan which is used to fund the platform's operations and the protection fund.

Interest Payments

The borrower makes monthly interest repayments, which are immediately credited to your investment account.

Principal rRepayment

The borrower repays the loan at the end of the loan term. The principal is immediately credited to your investment account.

Invest Again or Withdraw

All funds received in the investment account, either interest or principal repayments, are immediately available for withdrawal or further investments.

How Guarantee Works

Goldeninvestmentdeals believes the people who entrust their money deserve to feel safe about it. We offer extensive guarantees on most of the loans: guarantee of early exits for investments, buy-back guarantee on principal for defaulted loans and the protection fund covering earned interest on defaulted loans. Please see detailed explanation of the guarantees below.

Covering Early Exits
Fee-based buyout guaranteed by an independent third-party partner for early exit investments.

Goldeninvestmendeals acknowledges that individual investors, like our clients, may arrive in a situation where they require access to their funds before the loan term concludes. Our partner guarantees to buy out the loan within 1 to 2 business days if such a request is made, but this will incur a commission charge. Each loan has its early exit commission determined and listed on the Project description. You can always reach out to our support team to get all relevant information before making a final decision.

Protection Fund
Security fund built by Goldeninvestmentdeals

Goldeninvestmentdeals carefully select businesses to lend to within the platform. With thorough analysis and background checks, we’re confident in each project listed, but we do acknowledge risks remain even though minimal. Goldeninvetsmentdeals shares a certain fee of each loan from its own profit, and deposits it into a special protection fund designed to be a final and guaranteed protective step of your interests. It covers legal costs, your interest payouts and any other expenses that may accrue as the loan defaults. With the protection fund, we tend to guarantee that you will initially receive your profit on investments. 

Third-party Buy Back Guarantee
Buy Back Guarantee by an independent third-party partner for late and defaulted loans

To provide the most comprehensive guarantee Goldeninvestmendeals ‘insures’ loans with a third-party partner to cover possible loan defaults. Our mutual agreement guarantees they will buy out all claims at a 100% rate from the principal from our investors of any defaulting loan or loan that accrues over 60 days of late payments. Though this guarantee does not cover any unpaid interest rate payments. 

Investors earn 18.90% per year on average

* Please note that the type of security, for example, select types of the buy-back guarantee issued and/ or security provided by the special investment protection fund, is specified for each project individually in your loan agreement and project description. Refer to your loan agreement and project description for more details.